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Mit Bitcoin reich werden?

Bitcoin Rush

The low interest rate level makes it increasingly difficult for investors to invest money for retirement provision. Trading in Bitcoins does involve risks, but it also offers Good profit prospects.

The increase in value of Bitcoins in recent years has been enormous in some cases and has made many investors rich. Up-to-date again a favorable chance is offered to enter into the Bitcoin trade.

Investors should not announce themselves however with the first-best Bitcoin Dealer, but inform exactly whether it concerns a respectable on-line broker.

Bitcoin Rush offers its members a trading algorithm for automatic trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We have taken a closer look at the provider. Read all about the Bitcoin Rush experiences.

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The facts about Bitcoin Rush compact:

  • Free demo account
  • User-friendly and easy to use trading platform
  • High returns Opportunities
  • Low spreads
  • Fast payouts without fees
  • Easily accessible customer serviceĀ 

Creating Bitcoin Rush Account

Making your own Bitcoin Rush account is very easy. To register with Bitcoin Rush account, your personal data, telephone number and e-mail address must be entered in the registration mask on the provider’s homepage, and a user name and personal password must be selected.

In addition, the general terms and conditions must be confirmed. Those who log in from their mobile phone should download the user-friendly app.

Afterwards only the trading software needs to be installed. All Bitcoin Rush account has free demo account, that is why investors also have the choice of either practicing with the demo account first or getting straight into real money trading.

A minimum deposit of 250 euros is required to open an account. The money can be deposited by credit card or by bank transfer.

  • Filling in personal data, e-mail address and telephone number and setting user name and password
  • Deposit of 250 Euro or more as seed capital. The money is credited to the account immediately. Payments by credit card are possible.
  • Download the software and start trading.

Recommendation: The functionality of Bitcoin Rush is explained in detail in the instruction video on the website! Congratulations on creating your Bitcoin Rush account! You can now perform your bitcoin rush trading. Read along the article and find out how to start your bitcoin rush trading in the platform.

Die intelligente Software von Bitcoin Rush arbeitet frei von Emotionen

Bitcoin Rush Trading: How to start?

The very first thing to do is make your Bitcoin Rush account. And if you are here, then you should have already. After creating your Bitcoin Rush account, you must have a fund, even for a minimum of $250. This money will be used to your Bitcoin Rush trading transactions and will serve as your capital investment.

Before doing a live Bitcoin Rush trading, and if you are unsure as to what you are facing, you are free to use the demo account provided by the Bitcoin Rush platform. There you can practice with the real-time results. Once you are ready, you can always transact in the live Bitcoin Rush trading.

Since Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading platform, it is highly suggested to switch to automatic trading where bots will be the one doing your transactions instead of you. This is to lessen human error as bots are an artificial intelligence that can receive updated trading algorithms and perform the best trading approaches to each dealings.

On the other hand, you can still do your Bitcoin Rush trading manually. Bitcoin rush is very flexible and will always be at your service on each of your Bitcoin rush trading ventures.

High profits are possible! But there are also risks

It is undisputed that high profits are possible in trading Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. However, there are also risks. A total loss of the money invested is also possible. The advertising messages on the provider’s website are therefore somewhat euphoric from a marketing point of view. Even ripped off stock market professionals make a loss with one or the other trade.

It is important that investors develop a strategy for successful trading over time. In any case, a successful trading strategy also includes strict risk and money management. In any case, traders should only use the money they are prepared to lose in case of doubt.

It is also recommended not to bet everything on one card. For example, it makes sense to invest only 2 % to 3 % of the capital in a trade. If you invest 2% of your capital, you would have to make 50 wrong trades in a row to bring your account to zero. But that is absolutely unlikely.

In addition, all trades should be secured with a stop loss. In this way, the risk of loss can be decisively minimized once again.

Volatility as an opportunity

If you analyze the course of the Bitcoin and, in its shadow, the other cryptocurrencies, you will find that there are always large price swings up and down. At the end of 2017, even the 15,000 Euro mark was clearly exceeded, only to drop again significantly afterwards.

The reason is that there are many speculators in the market, who enter with a lot of money and then withdraw from the market just as quickly to make cash.

However, this volatility is not a problem for investors in Bitcoin Rush, but a great opportunity. Investors can profit when prices rise and when they fall. In practice, the more volatile the market is, the greater the chances of profit. This is one reason why trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is so popular.

However, it is important to act quickly and investors develop a strategy. Bitcoin Rush’s trading algorithm for automatic trading takes a lot of work off of traders and identifies suitable entry and exit signals around the clock.Psychology of Bitcoin Trading

Just as important as a strategy when trading is that traders get their emotions under control. Greed, fear or euphoria are bad advisors. Those who let themselves be guided by their emotions will sooner or later make mistakes and will certainly lose money in the end.

Therefore, getting rich quickly with Bitcoin trading should not necessarily be the first goal.

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Rather, the trade should be successful in the long term. This includes that traders set themselves realistic goals and learn from their mistakes. The goals set must also match the capital invested. If you want to win 1,000 euros, you should consider the following: With a stake of 10,000 euros, a return of only 10% must be achieved.

If, on the other hand, you only bet 250 euros, you must achieve a return of 300% for the 1,000 euros in profit, which is much more difficult and involves a much higher risk. It is also recommended that investors note each trade in a trading diary, for example in an Excel spreadsheet.

In this way, errors in trading can be identified and corrected retrospectively. The personal strategy can be refined step by step by later analysis of the trades. A recurring beginner’s mistake is, for example, that stop losses for hedging trading positions are set too close to the entry price, so that an early stop occurs.

In retrospect, it often turns out that the trade would have been quite successful if a somewhat higher risk had been taken. So trading Bitcoin requires a little courage. Conversely, investors should let a trend run and take full advantage of it rather than going out with a too narrow take profit.

What the Bitcoin Rush trading algorithm does

The Bitcoin Rush software continuously analyzes the market and automatically identifies optimal entry and exit points. As soon as a trend reverses, an entered position is closed and the opposite position is immediately taken. Trading is fully automated.

A further advantage of the software used in Bitcoin Rush is that it does not know any emotions and stoically searches for new entry and exit signals. Emotions as the main source of error when trading with Bitcoin are excluded by the Bitcoin Rush algorithm.

The Bitcoin Rush experiences show that with its very good results are achieved in most cases. Investors who let the algorithm work for them can sit back and relax.

By the way, Bitcoin Rush is not the only provider that works with a trading algorithm. Banks and large investment houses also rely on computer trading. The main goal is to be faster than the market and thus secure advantages. If you hesitate, you will not be able to make the most of your opportunities and in the end you will not be successful.

Experience in the use of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush offers customers an extensive selection of tradable crypto currencies, but also trading traditional currency pairs such as Euro-US dollar. The trading platform is clearly structured and easy to use.

For chart analysis, traders have a wide range of pre-installed tools and indicators at their disposal. The spreads, i.e. the fees for Bitcoin Rush are in the average range when compared to other providers and are therefore acceptable.

Deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Rush can be made using various payment methods, including credit card. Withdrawals are usually processed within 48 hours, as previous customer experience has shown.

Before the first payout, however, members must verify their identity with Bitcoin Rush by means of an identification document. This is required by anti-money laundering laws.

The customer service at Bitcoin Rush is available by phone or live chat seven days a week, 24 hours a day and made a competent impression on us at Bitcoin Rush test.

Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

Bitcoin Rush is definitely legit. Unfortunately there are still many dubious business people in the Bitcoin market. If you want to invest your hard-earned money, you have to be sure that you are not sitting on a dubious provider. The trading platform must function perfectly, profits must also be paid out quickly and without problems.

The customer service as the figurehead of an online broker must be easily accessible and work professionally and competently. At Bitcoin Rush, and the experience of the investors also shows this, we could not find any indication that Bitcoin Rush fraud is.

Bitcoin Rush is also not one of the many CFD booths that cheat investors with high fees. Contrary to some claims, Bitcoin Rush was not presented at the Lion’s Den. Of course, the service at Bitcoin Rush is not free. However, the spreads for placing orders are in an acceptable midfield when compared to other online brokers.

The conclusion of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush offers investors access to a trading platform where they can trade Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. The registration process takes place in just a few steps and is uncomplicated. The selection of currency pairs is sufficiently large. The trading platform is easy to use and clearly laid out and can also be used mobile via an app on the mobile phone.

The provider’s fees in the form of spreads are acceptable. The minimum deposit at Bitcoin Rush is 250 Euro and is therefore also common. Payments can be made by practically credit card or bank transfer. Deposits and withdrawals work smoothly and quickly.

The customer service is available around the clock and makes a competent impression. The experiences in the Bitcoin Rush test have not shown any indication that it is not a reputable provider.

Risk warning:

Anyone trading Bitcoin or other crypto currencies should be aware that there is also a risk of loss. Crypto currencies are generally considered a very volatile asset class, but this is both an opportunity and a risk.

Investors should not be guided by emotions such as fear or greed and should only trade with money that they are prepared to lose in case of doubt.

Anyone trading in Bitcoin Rush can profit not only from rising prices but also from falling prices. The emotion-free trading algorithm for automatic trading observes the markets 24 hours a day and permanently provides suitable entry and exit points.

This allows trends to be optimally exploited.

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